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Just being human

Back against the wall
Don’t know where to go at all
Show them how much that you’ve grown
But they keep counting all your flaws

Tell me what am I suppose to do
When I’m stuck in this situation
That I’ve been living out for years
And I’m running out of patience

Thoughts in my mind
Point the gun and pull the trigger
Ending my own fucking life
With dreams that are much brighter and way bigger

On the road to self destruction
Enough pressure to make a diamond
My faith in God is the only thing that holds me
And always there to remind me

If love is what you give
Then love is what you’ll receive
You have to give love to yourself
So that love is what you see

Trying to live life in happiness and peace
Along with the evils in this world
Doesn’t move
With the greatest of ease

People may judge you
And Interpret that you’re weak
And I keep it real till I’m deceased

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So excited to get these on! #enkei #tenjin #enkeitenjin

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I could have used this information over the last 29 years of my god damn life

My mom taught me to pack like this and she gets mad when I come to visit and sees that I don’t use it.

I need to remember this for uniforms.

Oh my god, I am learning this ASAP. HOW DID I NOT KNOW OF THIS BEFORE?!

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